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Psychologist Post-Test

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1. What is a technique you might use to help students deal with prejudice in verbal bullying?
2. What is the problem with using the words ‘should’ and ‘you’ when expressing feelings?
3. What are the additional techniques for helping students deal with verbal bullying?


A. The 'Golden Nuggets' Technique
B. feeding back, understanding, and Name that Feeling.
C.  The words ‘should’ and ‘you’ make statements sound insulting and critical.


4. According to Mishna, what are the reasons why adults need to be especially alert for signs of victimization in students with LD?
5. Why may it be unsafe to conclude that aggressive children affiliate only with other aggressive children?


A.  Farmer’s study showed that two-thirds of aggressive boys and one-half of aggressive girls affiliated in groups whose members were over 50% nonaggressive.
B. the lack of social skills displayed by many children and adolescents with LD, their reluctance to seek help, and the disinclination of children to report bullying.

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