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1. What are the three classes of medication most commonly misused?
2. What is the most common modern use of opioids?
3. What are the three potential risks involved with long-term opioid treatment?
4. Who can play a role in identifying and preventing nonmedical use of prescription drugs?
5. What are the two main categories of drug use disorder treatment?
6. Methadone diversion is primarily associated with Methadone prescribed to treat pain and not treat opioid use disorders. What are the three requirements in Opioid treatment programs?

A. To treat acute pain.
B. Opioids, central nervous system [CNS] depressants, and stimulants.
C. Physicians, their patients, and pharmacists.
D. The development of drug tolerance, hyperalgesia, and addiction, presents doctors with a dilemma, as there is limited research on alternative treatments for chronic pain.
E. To maintain and implement a diversion control plan; they typically need patients to come in daily to receive their medication and strictly monitor take-home doses.
F. Behavioral treatments and medications.

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