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Appendix - Reproducible Client Worksheets
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Rational Argument
Replay track 1 for more information on this technique.
Client is given following questions to answer in his or her journal regarding specific obsessive thoughts.

  1. When I’m in any situation that causes anxiety, what is my automatic negative thought or thoughts?
  2. What is the core negative thought—the notion that goes to the heart of what makes me anxious?
  3. Is this core negative thought both logical and true?
  4. If the core negative thought is not logical or true, or mostly exaggerated, what is a more rational response?  Can I construct a thought that is both more accurate and more compassionate toward myself and other people?

Worry Time
Replay Track 5 for more information on this technique.
Client follows subsequent guidelines for setting aside a time to worry.

  1. Limit your worrying to fifteen to thirty minutes each day, once a day.
  2. Try to pick a time of day when you can be alone by yourself to worry, and stick with that time.
  3. Really let yourself get into your worrying.  Try to cover any issues or problems you purposefully stopped yourself from worrying about during the previous twenty-four hours.
  4. At any other time during the day when you start to worry, say to yourself, "Stop!  Save it for worry time."
  5. Make every effort to stick with this strategy.  When you tell yourself to stop, then stop.  When you let yourself worry, then worry. 

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