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Section 2
The Dilemma: Adolescent Girl-to-Girl Bullying in Schools Adolescent

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Eric Institue of Education Sciences  

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-Rayle, Andrea Dixon; Holly J. Hartwig Moorhead; Judy Green; Caryn A. Griffi; and Barbara Ozimek. Adolescent Girl-to-Girl Bullying: Wellness-Based Interventions for School Counselors. Eric Institue of Education Sciences, p5-7.

Does Bullying Attitude Matter
in School Bullying among Adolescent Students:
Evidence from 34 OECD Countries

- Man, X., Liu, J., & Xue, Z. (2022). Does Bullying Attitude Matter in School Bullying among Adolescent Students: Evidence from 34 OECD Countries. Children (Basel, Switzerland), 9(7), 975.

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