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1. What is a definition of "togetherness" and "intimacy" as they could be explained in a couples therapy session?
2. What are three examples of how entanglement results when togetherness is selected over intimacy?
3. What are four influencing factors in couples therapy, to optimize the therapeutic alliance?
4. What are four examples of couples communication that can result in marital conflict?
5. What are five filters that affect perceptions in couples communication?


A. The Parent-Child Marriage, The Stormy Marriage, and The "Perfect" Marriage.
B. When partners cling to each other in emotional dependency, scared to disagree because they fear their differences will break the marriage apart.
C. Escalation, invalidation, negative interpretations, and withdrawal and avoidance.
D. Allegiance, Unbalancing, Implications of a Disagreement, and Gender Differences.
E. Distractions, emotional states, beliefs and expectations, differences in style, and self-protection.