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Course Transcript Questions The answer to Question 1 is found in Section 1 of the Course Content. The Answer to Question 2 is found in Section 2 of the Course Content... and so on. Select correct answer from below. Place letter on the blank line before the corresponding question.


1. What are four parenting strategies involving parent–adolescent conflicts?
2. What are three self-criticism strategies for adolescent's aggression resulting in parent-adolescent hostility?
3. What are three strategies to use with oppositional defiant disordered adolescents to prevent violence in parent–adolescent conflicts?
4. What are three parenting skills to prevent adolescent academic failure?
5. What are the levels of adolescent aggression?
6. What are three steps in writing rules that can be used in parent-adolescent relationships?

A. whining and complaining; stubborn refusal; verbal abuse; threats of violence; and acts of violence.
B. Nurture; Intervention; and Talk Back.
C. streamlining the problems; creating concrete rules; and creating a well-written consequence.
D. Unmasking the purpose, talking back, and making the critic useless
E. Working with the School; Back to School; Positive Praise and Recognition through Role Playing.
F. Hearing the Internal Voice, Listening to the Critic's Self-Criticism, Monitoring the Critic's Self-Criticism, and Determining Emotional Repercussions.

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