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— "I have used other websites in the past. This has been by far the best and most practical one. I have a 21-month-old daughter at home and I could not complete the course in one day. It totally adjusted to my needs. Thank you!!"

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Outline of Topics - Transcript of Compact Discs

*New content on Depression
Section 1 & Question 1
--Track #1 - Collapse, Catastrophize, and Losing Control - Understanding 5 Key Factors Related to PPD
Section 2 & Question 2
--Track #2 - The Pervasive Myth, Wishful Thinking, & an 'Icing on the Cake' Technique
Section 3 & Question 3
--Track #3 - How to Overcome the 'Burning Desire' & 'Ease the Father’s Fears'
Section 4 & Question 4
--Track #4 -'Going Nuts', the 'Emotional Hurricane', & Violence Against Pregnant Women
Section 5 & Question 5
--Track #5 - Staring at the Lifeless Body: Tools to Use when Mothers Lose Mothers
Section 6 & Question 6
--Track #6 - 'The Thing to Do' - Helping Clients Choose Termination or Acceptance with Unplanned Pregnancies
Section 7 & Question 7
--Track #7 - 'Escaping the Reality of Depression' - Treating Pregnant, Addicted Clients
Section 8 & Question 8

--Track #8 - Being Detached from One’s Body & Panic vs. Depression, Which Comes First?
Section 9 & Question 9

--Track #9 - 'Ghosts in the Nursery' & Understanding When a Child is truly at Risk
Section 10 & Question 10

--Track #10 - 'I think of the neighbor’s dog attacking my baby!' - Treating Shame and Intrusive OCD Thoughts
Section 11 & Question 11
--Track #11 - PTSD and Pregnancy - Flashbacks of C-Sections
Section 12 & Question 12
--Track #12 - Anorexia: The Eating Disorder and the Baby
Section 13 & Question 13
--Track #13 - Treating Hallucinations & the Switching to Mania
Section 14 & Question 14
--Track #14 - 'Haunted by thoughts about harming the baby!' - Ten Reassurances for Postpartum Dads
Course Manual of Articles

Section 15 & Question 15
--Alternative Medical Treatments for Postpartum Psychosis
Section 16 & Question 16
--The Reality of Anger in the Postpartum Period
Section 17 & Question 17
--"Speak Up When You're Down" - The PPD Awareness Campaign
Section 18 & Question 18
--Women's Sexuality During Postpartum
Section 19 & Question 19
--Predicting Postpartum by Persistent Fatigue
Section 20 & Question 20
--PPD: Common yet Under-treated
Section 21 & Question 21
--Does Mother's Depression Affect her Toddler's Assertiveness?
Section 22 & Question 22
--Using the EPDS to Help Diagnose PPD, Not as a Diagnosis
Section 23 & Question 23
--Postpartum Depression: The Baby Blues
Section 24 & Question 24
--Postpartum Psychosis: The Dangerous Next Degree
Section 25 & Question 25
--High-Risk Births - Effects on the Parents
Section 26 & Question 26
--Depression in Women

*New content on Depression

Section 27
--What has serotonin to do with depression?
Section 28
--Selected Readings Bibliography/Authors/Instructors
Section 29
--Appendix: Reproducible Client Worksheets
Course Learning Objectives/Outcomes

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